What We Do

Our services as solar consultants target Residential and Commercial clients that desire a “one stop shop” in considering a solar installation. With our national network of solar companies including installers, suppliers and finance companies, we provide the following combination of services:
  • We consult and advise on your side, and no other, you will receive proposals that include a detailed local analysis of utility rates, state incentives or subsidies and other local factors, using a state of the art software application and Google Earth technology to accurately assess the solar project’s economics and viability.
  • Once you provide the basic information requested, you would receive 2 or more proposals with the convenience of one stop shopping, Save time, money and aggravation,  No multiple salespeople and no multiple site visits!  With our Volume Discounts you may receive additional savings that others can’t provide.
  • We are NOT solar sales personnel,you will not be “sold”.  Think of us as your agent, advocate, and personal shopper rolled into one.   Our energy consultants deliver straight forward apples to apples comparison shopping for the best solar program and pricing.
Residential property owners and businesses alike often don’t take advantage of the financial, let alone sustainable benefits of a solar installation because they just don’t have the time to get multiple bids and understand the great differences in equipment and programs options in the marketplace. We offer a unique alternative, educating home owners and business owners as well as provide the financial analysis and funding options to make being a good green citizen a very wise financial decision.


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